Our Vision

Nurturing generations of self aware, leading and highly achieving human who serve his creator and positively transform and serve their selves , families, societies and communities.



Educating tomorrow’s leaders in every field who have sound ethical upbringings.

Our Mission

Mission of our school directed to achieving holistic quality education ,based on sound Islamic principles. We strive to educate our learners about the duties to their creator, to teaching and learning the true message of Islam to serving humanity.This is achieved by our learners developing the values of

Disciplines,Love,Respect,Morality and Leadership.

Our Values

Values are the cornerstone of running an effective school. We strive to create a value-based atmosphere in which all learners feel loved ,safe , understood ,valued and respected .In order to achieve this, we focus on the following core values:

Responsibility , Forgiveness , Love , Respect environment. Honesty

Welcome To Al-Falah

Al-Falah School was established for the pleasure of Allah(SWT) as a non-profit ,community based institution in 2015. Its purpose is to provide the Muslim community in and around Natham with Islamic oriented education in addition to Curriculum outlined by the State Govt, standards in addition to adapting creative ways of teaching ensure maximum results..

From humble beginnings , with a roll count of 62 at the beginning of 2015, our roll has grown to 172 , spread across 5 grades

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For Admission

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